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Bring the cute little TinyMons to your home!

Play in three different game modes with over 1700 different little monster variations!

– Classic Gamemode:
Play with the original TinyMons!
Difficulty levels:
Easy: 8 Pairs
Medium: 10 Pairs
Hard: 12 Pairs

-Gamemode Mix:
This mode offers over 1700 motivs to play with, monsters are randomly generated.
Who has ever seen a werewolf-pumpkin-witch! Get surprised by these funny variations!

Easy: 8 Pairs
Medium: 12 Pairs
Hard: 18 Pairs

– Gamemode Challenge:
The game starts with 6 pairs and a total time of 240 seconds.
If all pairs have been found, a new round starts automatically with a time bonus of 20 seconds. In every new round an additional pair of cards has to be found.

Get 100 Points for every match. Find matches in a row and get bonus points!

No Ads or In-App Purchases!


– Over 1700 random card motives
– 3 different game modes
– 3 different difficulty levels
– No Ads or In-App Purchases!
– Protected „More Games“ Area. Only parents can open this special area. (Touch the More Games Button for 3 seconds to open it.)

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